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Selecting the Best OS For PS4 

Nevertheless, among the largest reasons behind the users not caring too much relating to this choice occurs to function as absolute fact that PS3 supports just the Linux Operating System. But, did you ever envision what would occur if Sony offered PS3 with a Windows or Mac OS X?

 Seems just brilliant, is not it? Really, it makes lots of sense if Sony seems to purchase bulk licenses for Windows XP/Vista from Microsoft and Mac OS-X from Apple. Naturally, Microsoft would not actually care to lower down their costs to support Sony in marketing the PS4,NBA 2k17 locker codes and instead make use of this notion in the next generation Xbox gaming console. But, Windows Operating System is truly the master of all OS even after so a long time.

 But, the Mac OS-X has additionally attained widespread popularity, and Apple might think it is quite advantageous to offer more low-cost permits for the OSX for all the PS4 to be released. This can not only help Sony in raising the amount of popularity and above all the sales of the PS4 into a great extent, but also help Apple to raise their market share on earth of Operating System and come even closer to Microsoft's Windows Operating Systems.

   But, you can not only rule out that choice, because Microsoft would really make some serious cash by selling thousands of additional Windows OS license along with the PS4 gaming consoles. Currently, things are overly fishy to arrive at any sort of decision.